Geneva can be reached with Transalis shuttles T71, T72, T73 and T74

“The smallest of the biggest metropolis” or “the City of Peace”, invites you to take a walk. Hang around the lake’s shore, parks and the little old streets, the numerous and varied shops. A very nice cultural destination as well.

Shuttle Transalis T71 Evian - Geneva timetable (pdf)

Shuttle Transalis T72 Annecy - Geneva (via Cruseilles) timetable (pdf)

Shuttle Transalis T73 Annecy - Geneva (via Annemasse) timetable (pdf)

Shuttle Transalis T74 Chamonix - Geneva timetable (pdf) (valid until the 9th of December 2017)

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Shuttles T71, T72, T73, T74 are all going to Geneva, essential step in your journey !