General Conditions

General conditions of transport


All passengers must possess a valid ticket purchased at the applicable fare. Fares are available for consultation on request. The main general terms and conditions of travel are summarised below:

1 – Tickets must be shown to the driver when boarding the vehicle. Passengers who forget their subscription or discount cards will not be issued a pass and must purchase a full fare ticket. Passengers who purchase tickets from the driver must prepare the right change. Payment by cheque or banks notes exceeding 20 Euros for fares under 10 Euros is not accepted.

2 – Passengers must keep their tickets with them during their journey and present them to inspectors on request when boarding or leaving the vehicles.

3 – Accompanied children under six years old travel free but cannot be guaranteed a seat. They must be accompanied by an adult who is a family member. An adult may accompany only one child who must sit on the adult’s lap if necessary. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

4 – Small pets travel free provided they are carried in a closed basket placed on the passenger’s lap. Passengers must pay half the full fare for all other animals. Dogs who do not fit into a basket must be kept on a leash and wear are muzzle, otherwise they will not be allowed on board. They must not disturb or inconvenience other passengers. Dogs accompanying blind or visually impaired passengers travel free.

5 – Each passenger who has purchased a valid ticket may carry a single item of luggage weighing less than 30 kg and one pair of skis. Passengers who carry extra luggage must pay a surcharge.

For security reasons, in particular during an evacuation, all luggage larger than 50cm x 30cm x 30cm must be placed in the hold and not inside the vehicle.
All items of luggage placed in the hold and inside the vehicle are the entire responsibility of their owners. The vehicle operator cannot be held liable for stolen or damaged luggage. The operator’s liability is limited to 150 Euros in the event that a vehicle is broken into. Parcels or bags containing hazardous or flammable substances or which are likely to disturb and inconvenience other passengers are not accepted.

6 – All passengers without a valid ticket are subject to a penalty, as laid down in the applicable regulations and Criminal Code (art.529/4 and 529/5). Passenger who forget their subscription card (school and monthly passes) or discount card must purchase a full fare ticket.

7 – Tickets must be purchased a few minutes before departure from the ticket offices open to the public. Purchased tickets are not refundable except in cases of force majeure. Claims for a refund must be supported in writing and forwarded along with the original, unused ticket to the vehicle operator. The vehicle operator declines all liability if its vehicles are late or if passengers miss their connections with other modes of transport. The vehicle operator is not liable for any resulting costs or consequences.



It is strictly forbidden to:

1 –smoke inside the vehicles
2 –obstruct the vehicle while it is being driven or talk to the driver
3 – operate the emergency exits (except in the event of an evacuation)
4 – block the opening and closing of the doors
5 – damage the vehicle’s fittings and fixtures and the information panels.


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