General Conditions

General conditions of transport


All passengers must possess a valid ticket purchased at the applicable fare. Fares are available for consultation on request. The main general terms and conditions of travel are summarised below:

1 – Tickets must be shown to the driver when boarding the vehicle. Passengers who forget their subscription or discount cards will not be issued a pass and must purchase a full fare ticket. Passengers who purchase tickets from the driver must prepare the right change. Payment by cheque or banks notes exceeding 20 Euros for fares under 10 Euros is not accepted.

2 – Passengers must keep their tickets with them during their journey and present them to inspectors on request when boarding or leaving the vehicles.

3 – Accompanied children under six years old travel free but cannot be guaranteed a seat. They must be accompanied by an adult who is a family member. An adult may accompany only one child who must sit on the adult’s lap if necessary. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

4 – Small pets travel free provided they are carried in a closed basket placed on the passenger’s lap. Passengers must pay half the full fare for all other animals. Dogs who do not fit into a basket must be kept on a leash and wear are muzzle, otherwise they will not be allowed on board. They must not disturb or inconvenience other passengers. Dogs accompanying blind or visually impaired passengers travel free.

5 – Each passenger who has purchased a valid ticket may carry a single item of luggage weighing less than 30 kg and one pair of skis. Passengers who carry extra luggage must pay a surcharge.

For security reasons, in particular during an evacuation, all luggage larger than 50cm x 30cm x 30cm must be placed in the hold and not inside the vehicle.
All items of luggage placed in the hold and inside the vehicle are the entire responsibility of their owners. The vehicle operator cannot be held liable for stolen or damaged luggage. The operator’s liability is limited to 150 Euros in the event that a vehicle is broken into. Parcels or bags containing hazardous or flammable substances or which are likely to disturb and inconvenience other passengers are not accepted.

6 – All passengers without a valid ticket are subject to a penalty, as laid down in the applicable regulations and Criminal Code (art.529/4 and 529/5). Passenger who forget their subscription card (school and monthly passes) or discount card must purchase a full fare ticket.

7 – Tickets must be purchased a few minutes before departure from the ticket offices open to the public. Purchased tickets are not refundable except in cases of force majeure. Claims for a refund must be supported in writing and forwarded along with the original, unused ticket to the vehicle operator. The vehicle operator declines all liability if its vehicles are late or if passengers miss their connections with other modes of transport. The vehicle operator is not liable for any resulting costs or consequences.



It is strictly forbidden to:

1 –smoke inside the vehicles
2 –obstruct the vehicle while it is being driven or talk to the driver
3 – operate the emergency exits (except in the event of an evacuation)
4 – block the opening and closing of the doors
5 – damage the vehicle’s fittings and fixtures and the information panels.


General conditions of sale



All the terms mentioned below have the following meanings in these terms and conditions (referred to hereinafter as “the Terms and Conditions”): 

 “Altibus”:, limited company with a capital of 30,500 Euros, registered on the national trade and companies register under number 440 797 371 and registered as such with the registry of the CHAMBERY commercial court, with its head office at 926, avenue de la Houille Blanche 73000 CHAMBÉRY. 
“Carrier”: Passenger transport company offering coach links between bus stations and winter sports resorts for which Altibus is given the task of selling some of its tickets, which can therefore be purchased via Altibus Central Reservations on the territory covered by this service.
“Central Reservations”: Service consisting of (i) the presentation of the transport services offered by the Carriers listed by Altibus and (ii) the sale and delivery of the tickets issued, in the name and on behalf of these Carriers. This service relates to coach links between the bus stations and winter sports resorts selected by Altibus. It is provided by Altibus and accessible on-line on the portal or by telephone with the operators of the Call-Center.
“ portal”: System consisting of the websites of the Carriers and Altibus allowing access to the Central Reservations service.
“Call Centre”: Centre receiving calls from Customers wishing to access the Central Reservations service by telephone.
“Customer”: Individual, not acting in a professional capacity, who uses the Central Reservations service.
Article 2. OBJECT

2.1 The object of these Terms and Conditions is to determine the terms of supply to Customers of the Central Reservations service as defined in article 1 above (presentation of services offered by Carriers, sale and delivery of their tickets). They apply to all tickets ordered from the Carriers via Altibus Central Reservations.
These Terms and Conditions are not intended to govern the terms of the carriage contracts entered into between the Customers and each Carrier through Altibus, which are governed by the terms of carriage specific to each Carrier concerned, as stated in article 9 below.
2.2. Ordering tickets through Altibus Central Reservations is only available for Customers who have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions, by clicking on the website, or giving their verbal agreement by telephone.
The fact that Customers complete and pay for their order implies full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions in their entirety. 

3.1 Altibus provides Customers with a system for viewing the services offered by the different Carriers in terms of the coach links they provide between bus stations and winter sports resorts.
The information provided includes in particular the routes covered (departure point-destination, date, time) and the current prices. 
After viewing the transport services offered and these Terms and Conditions and the carriage terms of the Carrier concerned on the website or obtaining this information from a Call Center operator, the Customer can buy and pay for the tickets selected.
3.2 The Altibus Central Reservations service is accessible on-line on the portal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, due to the very nature of the Internet, Altibus cannot guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the Service and therefore declines any liability in this regard. Customers acknowledge this and expressly declare they waive all claims for any direct or indirect losses that might result from an interruption in the service. 
Customers using the portal undertake to comply with the conditions of use of this Portal, which can be viewed in the Legal Notices at: 
3.3. The Altibus Central Reservations service is also accessible by telephone via the Call Centre, on working days, from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6.30 p.m., and on Saturdays, 8 to 12 a.m. and 1.30 to 5 p.m. 

4.1 Customers cannot order tickets via Central Reservations less than a minimum of 3 days prior to the date of departure chosen for standard.
4.2 Customers can order tickets by telephone via the Altibus Call Centre or on-line using the website.
In all cases, Customers select the following: 

  • place of departure and arrival 
  • dates and times 
  • number of passengers

Customers must then provide certain information (notably on the identity of the passengers); they undertake to provide genuine and reliable information at the different stages of their order. 
4.3 When ordering tickets via the website, Customers will indicate their acceptance of these terms and conditions and the Carrier’s terms of carriage by ticking the designated boxes.
At the end of the order process, Customers will be given a summary. They can then confirm their order by clicking on the corresponding box and proceed with on-line payment.
When their order is complete, they will receive an e-mail confirming their order. 

4.4. If tickets are ordered by telephone via the Call Centre, the operator will give Customers a verbal summary of the order which they have to accept for the order to be effectively registered. They will also be given an order number. 
The ticket(s) will be sent by standard post to Customers at the delivery address indicated when ordering, once Altibus has received payment from them.
If Customers do not receive the tickets ordered, they are advised to contact the Call Centre within a sufficient period of time before their departure.

5.1 The prices charged by the Carriers as indicated on the website or by the Call Centre operators are given in Euros including tax.
The Carriers’ prices are subject to change at any time by Altibus according to the requests of the Carriers concerned. The price applicable to a given order is the price applicable at the time the order is placed (on-line price for Internet orders, price indicated by the operator for telephone orders).
5.2 Orders made via the website are payable by bank card exclusively through an SSL secure payment system. Altibus has adopted the SSL encryption system which ensures the reliability of exchanges and transactions by encrypting all personal data required to handle orders as soon as such information is provided, such as addresses, e-mail addresses, bank details. Accepted bank cards are identified by an icon at the payment stage.
5.3 Orders made via the Altibus Call Centre are payable either by bank card when ordering, or by bank cheque made out to Altibus sent after the order to the following address: 926A Avenue de la Houille Blanche 73000 CHAMBERY.
5.4 Regardless of the mode of payment, tickets are only sent after the sum due has been paid in full. 

 6.1 In accordance with article L121-16-1)9° of the French consumer code, the seven-day cooling-off period is not applicable to orders placed in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
Customers’ orders are firm, final and irrevocable, after payment of the sum due, subject to what is stated in articles 7.2 and 8 below.
6.2 By express agreement, information obtained from the Altibus information system has the status of written documents as per article 1316-1 of the French civil code, the link between this information and the Customers it is associated with being presumed until proven otherwise. Therefore, it forms proof between the Parties and is applicable to them in the same way, under the same conditions and with the same probative force as any document that might have been written and signed on paper by the Parties.

7.1. As an exception to what is stated in article 6 above, Customers can ask to change their booking, for standard tickets (excluding e-Tickets) sent by Altibus, up to the 7th day inclusive prior to the date of their journey.
To do this, Customers must contact the Altibus Call Centre, indicating their order number and the changes they wish to make. 
Altibus will endeavour to make the desired change depending on the availability of the Carriers concerned. However, Altibus cannot guarantee that the change can be made in all cases.
No requests for changes can be taken into account less than 7 days before the scheduled departure date.
If the changes desired involve reimbursement of the Customer, the terms of this reimbursement are indicated in article 8 below. 
7.2.    e-Tickets cannot be changed or exchanged.

8.1.    For orders made via Central Reservations for “standard” tickets delivered by Altibus, Customers can cancel their booking and claim reimbursement of the sums paid in return for the ticket or tickets purchased according to the terms and conditions of sale of the carrier available also on the website.
Booking fees are not reimbursed. 

Conditions of cancellation for Tickets sold from coach stations :
In more than 15 calendar days before departure
Entire refund
Less booking fees
From 8 to 14 calendar days before departure
Refund: 50 % baskets
Less booking fees
In 7 calendar days before departure
Not refundable ticket (s)
Conditions of cancellation for Tickets sold from the airports :
In more than 15 calendar days before departure

Refund: 95 % from paid price
From 8 to 15 calendar days before departure
Refund: 85 % from paid price
In 7 calendar days before departure
Refund: 50 % from paid price
No ticket will be refunded if the date of receipt of the cancellation request is after the journey date.
Return tickets are not dissociable.
Tickets enclosed in the cancellation request should have made the object of some modifications, deletions or abolitions (notably of the detachable coupon).  
For orders:

  • of e-tickets, or m-tickets, these are not refundable, and not exchangeable.
  • of e-ticket bought from the airport of Lyon Saint Exupéry, the dispositions of the article 7 of General terms of sale are applied and these Tickets are refundable in conditions fixed above « Conditions of cancellation for tickets sold from the airports ». 


 9.1 Customers acknowledge that Altibus does not provide carriage services, just the Central Reservations service described in article 3. Therefore, its task is limited to selling tickets for the Carriers concerned.
Consequently, Customers acknowledge that:

  • Altibus has completely fulfilled its obligations by sending Customers the tickets indicated in the order summary sent by e-mail to the Customers for orders made on the website, or given verbally by the operator for telephone orders.
  • Altibus does not assume any liability concerning the transport service provided, which comes under the exclusive responsibility of the Carriers concerned. 

Therefore, Customers undertake to take action exclusively against the Carrier concerned for any dispute or claim relating to the conditions of the performance of the carriage agreement entered into with the Carrier.
9.2 The purchase of tickets from a Carrier through the Central Reservations service implies the acceptance of:
- the terms of the Carrier concerned, which Customers are advised to read prior to placing an order. 
Customers undertake to comply with the terms of the Carrier concerned, and in particular to pay any sums due, and accept the terms and limits of liability relating to the services offered. 

10.1 In accordance with the French data protection act, the website has been declared to the CNIL [French data protection commission] under n° 826413. 
10.2 Information gathered as part of the Central Reservations service is only intended for the exclusive use of Altibus. It is used by Altibus to send Customers their tickets and inform them of the existence of new services.
On the other hand, this information cannot under any circumstances be shared with third parties other than the carrier without the express consent of the Customers. 
10.3 In accordance with the provisions of the French data protection act, all Customers are able to access the information they provided when making their booking and amend this information or delete it. Customers can carry out these actions by sending an e-mail to, or by letter to Altibus, 926, avenue de la Houille Blanche (CHAMBERY).
Article 11. FORCE MAJEURE 

Altibus cannot be held liable if the performance of these terms and conditions is delayed or prevented due to force majeure or an accidental event, by the fault of the other party or a third party or for external causes such as social conflicts or strikes, the intervention of civil or military authorities, fire, water damage or the malfunctioning or interruption of the telecommunication network or electrical network.
In all cases, Altibus will do everything in its power to limit the duration and effects of the accidental event, force majeure or external cause. 

 12.1 Altibus reserves the right to unilaterally amend the terms of these Terms and Conditions. The new clauses will apply to all bookings made after they come into effect and only the new version will be authoritative between the parties.
12.2 These Terms and Conditions express all of the obligations of the parties. No other general or special conditions can be integrated into these Terms and Conditions without the express agreement of Altibus. 
12.3 If one of the provisions of these terms and conditions should be considered invalid in accordance with a law or regulation, present or future, or a final legal decision delivered by a court or relevant authority, this provision would be considered as unwritten, the other provisions of the terms and conditions retaining their compulsory force between the Parties. 

This Contract is governed by French law. Any associated disputes will be brought before the competent court.

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